The Brief: to create a series of ads for St John Ambulance Western Australia Cadetship Program 

The SPM: Discover the passion for an awesome future

Initial ideas & brainstorming
The best three concepts have been chosen - number 4, 6 and 8. More brainstorming has been done in order to find the best possible executions.​​​​​​​
Brainstorming about idea Number 4 - an advert about computer games, which shows that life is not a computer game as when the ‘hero’ (the person) dies, he/she cannot just be resurrected or healed. Therefore it is important to know First Aid and be able to help.
Brainstorming about idea Number 8 - fairy tale characters, who are ‘evil’ or a symbol of a fairy tale, which portrays danger.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Brainstorming about idea Number 6 - an advert about famous book/movie characters, which are ‘saviours’ or people , who know how to help.
Final propositions
Final adverts

The advertising campaign, which has been created for the Cadetship Program by St John Ambulance is targeting young people at age 16-17. The tone of voice, which is used is exciting and intriguing and the three executions of the campaign (adshel, bus and billboard) focus on different aspects of computer games.

Each executions shows an element of a computer game - the life of the hero, who is dying (showed in two ways) and the place, where the hero recovers (the healing tent). Those images might not seem familiar to an older audience but should be appealing to the target group as they are the people, who play computer games.

The copy says that ‘Life is not a computer game’ and explains that in real life a person, who is injured or dying cannot be saved by having another life or by healing, therefore it is important for the ‘player’ to know First Aid and the best place to learn that is to join the Cadetship Program by St John Ambulance.

The campaign corresponds to the Brief well and keeps the tone of voice and the SMP (discover the passion for an awesome future) by promoting the idea that the passion for computer games could become a passion for something else - saving lives or perhaps pursuing a medical career.
// done at Curtin University // August, 2016 

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